Unique Fermentation Process for preB (Prebiotics).
Sprouting from organically prepared soil, watered by uniquely pure water, harvested and washed in this water, the ingredients are fermented for 190 days to become a prebiotic preB.

The Pristine Source of preB (Prebiotics) 
The Facenda Anew Ranch in Brazil.

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Facenda Anew Ranch.
In the center of the Pantanal lies the Facenda Anew Ranch. Located in Southwest Brazil, it is 16,800 beautiful, pristine acres dedicated to Nature and the production of preB (Prebiotics).

Since its beginning over 80 years ago, no artificial fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides have ever been used on the Ranch. It uses only natural organic fertilizer, much of it grown in the vast virgin wildlands and primitive forests on the Ranch.

Over half of the Ranch is left to Nature, enhancing life everywhere on the Ranch, and doing its part to benefit the health of the planet. It is also a place of replenishment and renewal for the limited few outsiders who visit the Ranch. It is far from cities and development and the pollution they bring. It can only be accessed by 80 miles of dirt road, or by its small, grass landing strip.

Visitors to the Ranch speak freely of the incredible energy they feel at the Ranch. They speak of the still of the night there, where the call of birds and wild animals fill the air. They feel the real presence of a star-filled night-sky undimmed by city lights – a night sky that covers you like an amazing blanket of shimmering light.

They speak of the green abundance growing everywhere, punctuated by the contrasting ochre soil, the flowing springs, creeks and rivers. This is truly a special place, blessed by Nature, and carefully husbanded by its caretakers.

At the heart of the Facenda Anew Ranch are several natural springs. These flow continuously from a deep aquifer of pure water which is hundreds of years old. Perhaps older.

In this incredible setting, the 50+ fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains of preB (Prebiotics) are grown. Sprouting from organically prepared soil, watered by uniquely pure water, harvested and washed in this water, the ingredients are carefully prepared and placed into vast fermentation tanks to begin their 190 day journey to becoming the revolutionary food called preB (Prebiotics)  a journey based on time-honored traditions.

But it all starts with the unique energy of the Ranch, its naturally prepared soil, and its beneficent water. Together, these are the secrets to the production, and incredible nutritional value, of preB (Prebiotics).

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