A Conversation with the Creator of preB (Prebiotics).

Right and Wrong Eating Habits.

What does it mean to have right or wrong eating habits? I am always asked this type of question. The best food is vegetables that have grown because of the energies generated by the sun and the soil. This is food grown in harmony with the order of nature – that is, food grown in their right season and that is from the region where it normally grows.

In this way, you can attain a balance among nutrients, between body and food, yin and yang, and the four seasons of the year. However, in current eating habits all this equilibrium seems to be broken. Nowadays main courses that should contain whole grain cereals contain foods of animal origin instead, with chemical seasonings and sugar.

When you ingest food that is not in harmony with nature, your body tends to expel it. However, when you consume this type of food in great quantities, your body becomes unable to expel all of those substances, which start accumulating within the intestines. When the quantity of accumulated substances in the intestines overcomes a certain limit, dysfunctions and diseases occur.

The intestine of a healthy person is a clean one. To lead a healthy life it is necessary to increase the number of enzymes that exist within your body through ingesting healthy foods. Be careful with your daily habits, making sure you do not leave out consuming foods full of active enzymes.

Many people consume milk and yogurt because their intestines do not work well. But milk is something that calves drink. Thus, the nutrients contained in milk are appropriate to make calves grow. There is no proof that what is good for calves should also be good for human beings.

As far as good health is concerned, it is recommended not to eat meat. Instead of eating white rice, it is better to eat whole-grain rice. Food mainly consisting of whole-grain cereal will do your intestines good. Basically, foods that contain active enzymes (raw, uncooked, fermented foods of vegetable origins) are good; those that contain few or no enzymes are bad for your health.

Taking this reality very seriously into consideration, I have never stopped thinking about proposing something simpler than a manual for healthy meals and dishes. I wanted something that, first and foremost, would provide for the cleaning of the intestine. And that was our primary goal when we created preB (Prebiotics).

The intestine is the most basic organ that preserves good health. It is the organ that manages our immune power. A healthy intestine is then a basic condition for a healthy body and mind, thus allowing for the elevation of the spirit. If the spirit elevates and evolves, the soul will open to a natural way of life, requiring natural healthy food. Therefore, by consuming preB (Prebiotics) on a daily basis and regularizing your intestine your body will naturally require additional macrobiotic foods. Macrobiotic foods provide not only the body, but also the soul with nutrients.

Once people clean their intestines and enhance their natural feelings, a greater number of people will desire to live in a peaceful world, and I will have met my goal!

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